Sustainability solar panels

1. Waste wood

For decades we have been re-using all waste wood to heat our business premises.

2. Solar energy

In 2009 and 2011 we covered our roofs with solar panels. Since then, solar energy has accounted for around 25% of our energy requirements.

  • Surface: 1,582 m2
  • Total installed capacity : 188.83 kWp
  • Production kWh/year: 170,000 kWh/year

3. Gas-fired oven

In late 2013 a new gas-fired oven was installed. Swapping fuel oil for gas reduces the amount of fuel needed and is good for CO2 emissions.

4. Insulated roofs

All roofs were superinsulated to make use of heating in the business premises more energy efficient.

5. Re-lighting

Re-lighting with smart controls guarantees efficient use of electricity.